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When you see the iPhono for the first time, you wont believe your
eyes. The compact package belies its serious, heavyweight performance.
Its features include 6 x stereo EQ curves, adjustable MC load, dedicated
ultra-low noise MC stage, adjustable MM load, adjustable gain,
exemplary Class A circuitry with an ultra-wide dynamic range approaching
that of CD.
Previously such high-end features have rarely, if at all, been
available to only a very select number of phono preamplifiers costing at
least 10x more. Despite its modest price and wealth of features, most
important of all, the iPhono enhances your vinyl system. With the iPhono in your vinyl playback
system, from the moment the needle is seated in the record grove you
will know the iPhono is something special. The fact that this is how
vinyl should truly sound, is in no small part due to the Class A
TubeState tri-brid amplification which offers a natural, real sound.
To achieve the ultimate performance not
previously thought possible, our engineers went back to the Golden Age
of audio design. The entire iPhono design is based on exquisite Class A
TubeState amplification, a tri-brid of Bi-Polar devices, J-Fets and
Advanced Discrete components. This is no ordinary phono stage.
With lower distortion, better dynamics,
and excellent transient response, your complete music collection will
simply sound alive. Your Rock, Jazz and Classical music will sound
sweet, vivid, and lifelike. The full potential of your music collection
realised, at last.
The iPhono isnt just a perfect match
for your LPs. Its a perfect match for your cartridge, too. With up to
66dB of gain, individually adjustable MM and MC load across a wide range
(high-end features available only in phono amplifiers costing many
times more) any cartridge at any price may be accommodated optimally,
making the iPhono one of the most versatile phono stages to grace the
vinyl sector.
When you see the iPhono for the first
time, you wont believe your eyes. The compact package belies its
serious, heavyweight performance. Its features include 6 x Stereo EQ
The iPhono has a total number of 6
different Stereo EQ curves to choose from. So you never have to play an
LP with the wrong EQ curve ever again and put up with sub-optimal sound
quality. This makes the iPhono one of the most tonally-accurate phono
preamplifiers ever, period. *Decca:London, Deutsche Grammophon(DG), Archiv, EMI, Argo, NAB etc
RIAA:standard EQ curve for all records issued after 1980s and some after 1950s*Columbia/CBS, Epic, EMI(records originally-issued under Columbia)eRIAA:for modern records with excessive phase-shift and hight-frequency roll-offIEC:RIAA with IEC subsonic filter
eRIAA/IEC:enhanced RIAA with IEC subsonic filter*: For pre-1980s recordsiPhono for everyone!
Submitted by Dukkan HiFi (iFi:Turkey).
project debut carbon esprit + 2mRed + iFi iPhono. This TT sounds much better with iPHONO
Thanks Hakan and Dukkan HiFi!
iPhono: Quiet, clean and simple to use!
Pros: quiet background sound, sound processor into place. Simple, easy to use
Feel the music scene of the initial
solution is static, almost no ripple property. When sung music, theater
in chapter one Vorspiel (Allegro Moderato) becomes extremely lively
music is very attractive. It is nothing more than the music critics
rated the Bruch Violin Concerto No1 violin concertos par 3 of 3 famous
composers another Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Brahms. Thats critics
summarized: Germany has four violin concertos of Beethovens D-major,
e-minor Mendelssohn, Brahms and Bruch g D-major-minor. During the 4-LP
collection of Bruch, Salvatore Accardos guitar sound emerged gifted,
beautiful and richly nuanced as well as volume, very subtle, but not too
deep or torment. Normally, the solo violin bass does not provide the
desired bass enthusiast listeners. However, because this is a collection
of works for violin and orchestra to orchestra bass are fully met. It
is relatively tight bass and deep down. iPhono handle very clean and
thorough bands. Same experience with metal wheels vinyl MC, TestLab LP
Tchaikovsky Concerto No1 heard in B-flat Minor For Piano and Orchestra,
Op. 23 by Emil Gilels plays the piano and orchestra by Zubin Mehta New
York Philharmonic commander. At the time of this game, the background
sound is extremely quiet, and orchestral guitar sound as expected from
the stage to the audience, such as sitting in front of that orchestra.
Solutions listen to iPhono shows
concerto for guitar entirely comparable with the concertos for other
instruments, including the Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Tsuyoshi
Tsutsumi Dvoraks cello playing with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra by
Zdenek Kosler Command (CBS Sony disc) that TestLab listen then.
Thanks Quynh Trang, Pcworld and TestLab!
//www. pcworld. com. vn/articles/preview/2015/03/1238398/danh -gia-bo-tien-khuech-dai-ifi-micro-iphono /
iDSD NanoMicro iPhono appears in Andante Magazine!
iPhono: Small size despite 6 x stereo
EQ curves, adjustable MCU load, devotees of ultra-low-noise MC stage,
adjustable MM load, adjusted earnings and ultra-wide dynamic range with
class A circuit quality features such as hosting iphono very top is for
the price succeeds.
iDSD Nano: The worlds smallest can of
portable (only 163 g) with batteries work with the DAC idsd, all high
definition formats (PCM / DSD / DXD) can play.
Translated by Google.
Thanks Andante magazine and Dukkanhifi (iFi:Turkey)!
The iPhono is awarded the Exceptional Value 2014 Award from Richard H. Mak of Tonepublications!
When the little iFi iPhono box first
landed on my desk, I thought it was my wifes new iPhone. It was
designed by Thorsten Loesch using technology trickled down from AMRs
nearly $12,000 Reference PH-77 phonostage. The iPhono may be small, but
it is loaded with features that you will be hard pressed to find in
other similarly priced phonostages. But sonically, the iPhono exceeds
all my expectations for a phonostage of its size and priceand carries
some of the organic characteristics of the much more expensive AMR
PH-77, doing so without grain or edginess. The iPhono is a fantastic
anchor for your first analog setup. Few others can compete with its
sonics and there is nothing near its price that can compete with its
feature set. All of this considered, we are happy to award the iPhono
our last Exceptional Value Award of 2014.
Wow, thank you very much for awarding us this!
Special thanks to Richard H. Mak and Tonepublications!
Audio Accessory Magazine takes the iPHONO for a spin
This title is Phono EQ to realise a deep and full enjoyment of analog so we presume the EQ curves have been fully deployed!
Checkout the cool tangential turntablewe are sure the iPhono was not out of its depth!
Michael Fremers Analogo Planet iTUBE elevates US$10k setup into A Super System
Towards the end of the very nice VC
Audio Labs MB-45 KT120 Monoblock Power Amplifier review, Michael Fremer
dropped the iTube into the US$10k setup and it seems like he enjoyed
what happened next:
So I took the amps upstairs to my home
theater that uses a pair of excellent Sonics by Joachim Gerhard Amerigo
speakers (the brand name was subsequently changed to Spiral Groove and
later to Canalis). These are/were $8000 3-way floor standers with
relatively low 85dB efficiency. Add the Oddwatt MB-45s and the iFi iTube
and youre at around $10,000Holy shit! The combination was like
what more could one want? The iTube sufficiently (but just subtly)
softened the overall sound to produce some of the best sound Ive heard
yet from those speakers. There was an ideal synergy between the iTube
and the amps. The volume was almost up all the way but I was playing it
loud into a fairly large room. The speakers are usually powered by 200
watts per channel of a 5 channel John Curl designed Parasound A-51 amp
thats very good sounding but these tube amps produced tube amp oomph
and spaciousness while locking down those woofers.
Thanks Analog Planet. Try the iPhono+iTube = baby PH-77!
Watt magazine gives the iPHONO 6 stars (Top Score)!
In the first part of the PDF Roy Ervin
Solstad writes that ifi Micro is from a new company using the technology
from the English high-end company Abbingdon Music Research (AMR).
AMR PH-77 is often recognized as one of the best phono-equalisers in the world.
First of all it is very fun to listen
to. The dynamics is impressive and you can easy listen within the most
complex parts of pieces of music. Kari Bremnes sounds like Kari Bremnes
and not like Twiggy or Aretha Franklin. The best thing with this
amplifier is that it does not do a few things very good, while other
parts of the sound reproduction suffer. Conclucion: If there is an
absolute nobrainer among phono-equalisers in todays market, it mus be
the IFI iPhono. It would be a bargain even at a double price. Run out
and buy before the manufacturer discover (that the price is much to
low. )
WE LIKE: Incredible flexibleExcellent soundPrice
WE DONT LIKE: Absolutely nothing
WATT THINKS: This phono-equaliser has a sound and a price that makes it a coup (a bargain).
In Watt the best products get 6 stars; iPhono got 6 stars.
Special thanks to Watt Magizine (Nr), Audio Aktren (iFi: Norway) and Roy Ervin Solstad!
AMRs Thorsten Loesch gets Murfied!
17 February 2014, Murfie is a modern
take on the neighbourhood record store. But online/electronic. They
interviewed AMRs Chief Designer; Thorsten Loesch about the iPhono and
its DNA tracing back to the US$12k AMR PH-77.
We hope you like the review!
iPHONO Polishes off the Competition in Poland
16 January 2014, The idea of artists
iPhono, that engineers already mentioned Abbingdon Music Research:
Thorsten Loesch and Pat Wayne was a transfer of the sound of the
flagship preamp called AMR PH-77 to a small IFI enclosure. the biggest
surprise for me as a supporter of analog technology, was the fact that a
small transistor iPhono proposes the sound of beautiful color,
underlines the latent heat in the vinyl brings to the surface the sound
of black culture plate. . iPhono has a rare ability to emphasize the
rhythm tracks and their proper pace. It has ease of portraying the
natural beauty of the sound of instruments and vocals texturemakes it
masterfully. Clean and tangibly. IFI is a unique iPhono phono
preamplifier. It offers not only a multitude of functions, but also
unparalleled musicality and sound smartness racial proposed at an
affordable price around 1 750 z. In my opinionan opportunity,
because it is difficult to find in the 1 5003 000 z more versatile
and well playing preamplifier. I would recommend with a clear
So much to quote yet so little space! Many thanks to Luis Hegel of Stereoblogspot and Moje
Size doesnt matternot when it comes to iFi
13 December 2013, Reviewer Max Delissen
penned an extremely complimentary and thorough review of the iFi micro
range from the iUSB Power right through to the iPHONO.
The Micro series and the associated cables iFi has a wonderful range of
highly affordable and (sometimes very far) above their
price-performance products put downiFi is beautifully designed audio
bonbons, audiophile delicious candy that can be consumed. unabashed in
quantities And thats a good thing, because it is just as addictive as
real candyThank you Max!
The Good Doctor cant praise the iPHONO enough!
16 October 2013, To the uninitiated,
DoctorJohn is an undergound hard core vinylphile. He does not suffer
components gladly and makes sonic observations based upon sonics, not
price. The iPhono is unusually fine-grained and quiet (not just at its
price, but comparable to most products regardless of price). It makes
the music flow naturally, and has excellent rendition of hall sound. It
doesnt play to the gallery, instead rewards in the long term. The
iPhono compares well to more expensive phonostages (even to the Nagra
BPS reviewed below), and so is surely a BEST BUY. I think mid-priced
phonoamps, not to mention budget ones, will have a hard time going up
against the iPhonoThe battery-operated BPS is very quiet. But the
iPhono is subjectively equally (perhaps even more) so. In this regard,
the achievement of the iPhono is outstanding. If blind-folded and asked
to tell which is battery operated, I just may say iPhono!
Thank you DoctorJohn for a very thorough review.
Philippines young head fiyers getting jeepney with iFi
26 August 2013, iDAC: For me, this is
the best product in the product lineA big addition to the iDACs plus
points is with how it can simply be powered through the USB. Truly
portable indeed. Power on top is also impressive by being able to power
600 ohms through the high gain. Pairing the iDAC to a warm amplifier was
ethereal. Bliss filled enjoyment indeed! Making the iDAC my favorite
product from the line!
Thanks to Cholo at When in Manila!
MonoStereo: iPhono Best Vinyl and Value award!
14 August 2013, Editor Matej Isak of
MonoStereo was over the moon listening to Blade Runner 180g
using the iPhono! For all of you wondering about the lower range
performance, just try out the Blade Runner sound track. This little
musical aluminum preamp will shake your room the way down toward 25 hz
if your speakers allow it Now take your sleeves and dig into your LP
music collection. The time has come! i-Fi iPhono clearly received first
MonoStereo Analog award for best performance and price valued
phono preamplifier. I only wish more companies would follow such a route
as clearly taken by i-Fi.
Music Emotion says Less is More, with 6 iFi components!
12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of
the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say
about the full ifi system, Well, how do you summarise such a test of
six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate
manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without
exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for
very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time. Many
thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).
MoreFidelity magazine of Germany holding on to the the iPHONO.
27 June 2013, Even as of today, only in
Germany, vinyl is still more popular than digital. It is the only audio
market where this aberration exists. So it is fair to say that they are
fanatical about their vinyl. Watch this nifty Fidelity editorial
introducing their latest edition including the iPHONO
Cai Brockman in the YouTube video officially confirmed Fidelitys very
well-respected editor, Mr Roland Kraft refused to return the iPHONO
after the review, as he could not possibly part with it! There is a
downside to making exceptional products, they dont come back
Japans Analog Waxing over the iPHONO
15 June 2013, The iPHONO is introduced
in Analog magazine (2013 Summer # 40). The author is Shun Ishihara.
The iPHONO is by no means inferior to the high-end in neither looks nor
sound thanks to Ryo-san and Google translation!
Digital vs Vinyl: iFi vs iFi?
12 June 2013, Like that famous 1979
Kramer vs Kramer movie, Tone audios John Darko adopted a similar tack
and compared vinyl against digital. The Lenco75/Denon 103R/iPhono was up
against the iUSB/Resonessence Concero DACInterested? Who won? Is vinyl
better than digital? Read on(p132)
Chris Martens of HiFi+ had the following nice comments about the iFi stack at the recent High-End Show in Munich.
21 May 2013, iFi is, as many Hi-Fi+
readers already know, a spin-off from the British firm Abbingdon Music
Research. What words cannot adequately convey, however, is the sheer
sonic sophistication of the iFis compact and very affordable
micro-components. A perfect example would be the firms iPhono phono
stage (399), which sounds so good you might think there was digit
missing somewhere in the units price tag. But not so; the iPhono is
simply that good, thanksno doubtto liberal applications of AMR-derived
design know-how.
Enjoy the Music praises the iFi Triple Combo
1 May 2013 You could easily spend two
to five times the cost of the iPhono and iDAC + iUSBPower and not gain
much or any sonic benefit. Punchy and succinct. Thank you ETM and Clive
Enjoy the Musics Ron Nagle rediscovered his vinyl with the iPHONO
20 February 2013, We would like to thank
Ron Nagle for his thorough journey into the vinyl reproduction with the
iPHONO. Ron concluded, Buy it if you play vinyl, for you most
certainly could not lose. More and more by bucking the pricing
escalation this is a rare audiophile no-brainer bargain. On a personal
note: I have learned a few things about my vinyl system and in the
process enjoyed every fiddly minute From the magazine Enjoy the
Music. com and from me, Semper Hi-Fi! Thank you Enjoy The Music!
iPHONO review: The WitchDoctor bedazzled by the iPHONO
18 February 2013, We would like to thank
the WitchDoctors Gary Pearce for spending time with the iPHONO, iFi
is on a serious roll with its range of Micro components. Theyre well
made, have excellent specs and are almost embarrassingly inexpensive.
The iPhono is no exception, proving faultless in operation, and with
excellent giant killing sound quality. No, its not a reference phono
pre, but itll give most phono stages under $3K a real fright.
Whats a $8500 Cartridge Doing on the iPhono?
28 Dec 2012, Suffice to say, Michael
Fremer of Analog Planet and friends absolutely loved the iPHONO, A few
people I know came over and did some listening not knowing what they
were hearing, thinking it was the usual stuff here, and no one, I mean
no one complained. Can you pay a stronger complement to a piece of $399
gear in such a critical role in a system that costs hundreds of
thousands of dollars? I dont think so! A big thanks to Analog Planet!
iPHONO Prescribed by the Good Doctorjohn
26 November 2012, Doctorjohn of
CheapTubeAudio fame had some nice words to say about the iPhono: At
this point, after some extrapolation I became convinced of the devices
merit, and promptly ordered one (ehto be honest, I had decided to buy
one before I walked in! Hey Doc, we like your buy before you try with
ifi! Seriously, we look forward to the full iPhono write-up.
iFi Bewitches at the National Audio Shows Headzones 2012
November 2012, I cant recall hearing
anything quite like this before from headphones, not even from a pair of
Jecklin Floats which are well-known for presenting music in front of
ones head. Not in it. To say I was excited is putting it mildly.
Hi-Fi+/TAS Can-Jam 2012 ReportPart 1
23 Oct 2012, Chris Martens of
AVguide. com report on the iFi micro from RMAF: But dont be misled by
the affordable pricing, though; the beautifully finished iFi Micro
components are very serious both in intent and in the sonic results they
Avatar Acoustics Multiple World Premieres
Oct 17, 2012 Jason Victor Serinus of
Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF: I was especially seduced
by the systems compelling warmth in the midrange and correctly
proportioned bass. But really, everything in this room sounded really
iFi from Avatar AcousticsAMR
Oct 17, 2012 Stephen Mejias of
Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF: Michael Lavorgna went
home with the iDac, Michael Fremer went home with the iPhono,
The iFi Micro iPhono Fits In The Palm of Your Hand, But!
Oct 17, 2012 Michael Fremer of
Analogplanet. com report on the iFi micro from RMAF and brought one home:
Oh and the price is $399! Crazy, no? I brought one home from the show
and will be trying ASAP!
RMAF 2012 iFi
Oct 13, 2012 Michael Lavorgna of
Stereophile report on the iFi micro from RMAF and brought one home: The
iDAC is small enough to easily fit in a backpack just like the one I
carry around audio shows (hint).
Denumiri similare la Amplificator pentru casti iFi Micro iPHONO: MicroiPHONO

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