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The iFi nano iCAN is the battery-powered, half-sized version of the multiple-award winning micro series.
For many, enjoying music requires the component to excel in both a
static high-end system as well as a dynamic portable system. The
nano iCAN fits this bill perfectly. Able to take RCA or 3.5mm inputs,
running on lithium-polymer battery power, enjoy music wherever,
whenever, whatever.
The nano iCAN maintains the iFi tradition of excellent sonics with
canyon-deep bass. Its supreme circuit design uses DirectDrive
technology; without the need for output capacitors.
A truly remarkable headphone amplifier must also be user-adjustable.
First, to suit each type of recording, the nano iCAN features the
original 3D HolographicSound for Headphones to take the sound back out
of the head. Second, to suit different headphones, XBass and
user-selectable gain unlock the maximum potential of each and every type
of headphone, whether at home or on the move.
Superlative sonics. To go.
The nano iCANs power supply options
offer two major benefits. First, it provides portable music enjoyment,
simply by connecting a source such as iPhone/iPad/Android via the 3.5mm
output. Second, at home, via the 9V mains power, it offers the drive to
push headphones to their maximum potential with consumate ease.
The onboard lithium-polymer battery allows the user to enjoy over 70 hours of high-end music wherever, whenever, whatever.
There are portable headphone amps and
there is the nano iCAN. Its DirectDrive technology means no output
coupling capacitors to provide the most direct signal path to retain the
essence of the music.
The DirectDrive technology is one of the core reasons why the iFi range of components has garnered such rave reviews.
The 3D HolographicSound system for
Headphones has become so universally-acclaimed that others have
attempted to replicate this technology which to us, is the ultimate
By placing the recoding back outside of the head (and not using just generic crossfeed), the nano iCAN is in a field of its own.
It has no competition, literally.
All headphones and recordings perform differently.
XBass has been trickled-down from the
micro iCAN to ensure that nano iCAN users also benefit from the
amazing, canyon-deep bass this circuit extracts from headphones.
Once tried, there is no going back.
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