iFi iCAN Micro

iFi iCAN Micro

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Descrierea produsului
Creating a one-box-fits-all-headphones amplifier was a challenge.
Thats because headphones are a diverse lot. So when our engineers
designed the new iCAN, they didnt start with the amplifier; they
started with the headphones.
Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers, the design of the iCAN is
based on the whole gamut of headphones. This atypical approach has
bestowed upon the iCAN a unique ability to realise the full potential of
each and every headphone.
First and foremost, it was designed for the finest sound quality.
With XBass you hear deeper, richer and cleaner bass. The 3D Holographic
Sound system creates headphone-based music that is free-flowing rather
than restricted.
Power Output
Recordings are made for speakers not
headphones. This explains the oft-found inside your head headphone
listening experience. The 3D Holographic Sound system rectifies this to
transport the performer from inside your head, to in your room.
We wanted a headphone amplifier that
recreates the most vivid music performance to let your imagination run
free; similar to a live concert where the group is playing in front of
you. Vibrant, dynamic and resolving: the music stirs you. Above all,
with the 3D HolographicSound system, we created a truly high-end 3D
sound field without the use of any sound-damaging DSP# whatsoever.
The only thing to come close? Only a few
of the best professional-grade headphone amplifiers used in
international recording studios. The iCAN is in a class of its own
making studio-quality audio affordable. Without 3D HolographicSound
WITH 3D HolographicSoundFrom the instant you connect your
headphones to the iCAN, you realise this is exactly how headphones
should sound. This Class A TubeState amplification plays a large part;
giving an unprecedented level of clarity and authenticity to deliver a
living in the moment listening experience.
To attain the ultimate sonic quality,
our engineers looked to the Golden Age of audio design. The ground-up
iCAN design boasts an unconventional Class A TubeState amplification not
of hybrid but tri-brid circuitry; blending the best of Bi-Polar
devices, J-Fets and Advanced Discrete components.
With negligible distortion, superior
damping factor and excellent transient response, your music simply
sounds better than ever. This means perfect-matching of the iCAN to your
headphones. Whatever your genre; Rock, Jazz and Classicalmusic is
sweet, vivid, and above all: lifelike.
To achieve the best match to extract the
maximum performance from all manner of headphones, our engineers
painstakingly tested, measured and auditioned hundreds of headphones.
The end justified the means as the XBass
sound enhancement system is adjustable to suit each and every pair of
headphones; large and small headphones alike now reach the deepest bass
notes like never before.
Like the 3D Holographic Sound system and
true to iFis high-end audio DNA, the XBass circuitry functions without
the use of any sound-damaging DSP# whatsoever.
Our designers left no stone unturned to
achieve the finest audio quality. iFis DirectDrive technology is
directly-coupled for the shortest signal path. It is also more as
DriveDrive delivers higher power with lower distortion compared to many
USB-powered audio devices.
With real control and sonic authority,
the iCAN is 27x more powerful than the Apple iPod Touch and 9x more
powerful than the MacBook Air. Saxophones have that golden leading-edge
just like the real thing. Vocals have a palpable body and depth. Drums
sizzle one moment yet are thunderous the next.
Damping Factor

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