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Hear what your headphones actually sounds like, with the new Hegel
headphone amplifier. Milled out of one solid piece of brushed aluminum,
it is a beautiful piece on its own, but the real beauty lies in the
sound. Simply connect the SUPER to your computer, connect your
headphones to the SUPER and let Hegelprime;s Reference amplifier technology
give you an instant sound upgrade. A much richer sound, far deeper and
better bass response and more gain. Why is this so? The answer is
complex, but there are two major obstacles to getting the optimal sound
from your headphones. The SUPER addresses both. The first reason you
should have a look at the Hegel SUPER has to do with noise. No modern
computers are actually designed to sound good. They are designed for
speed and versatility, and create a lot of background noise. Not so much
that it is audible in itself, but enough to blur the finer details of
the music - making everything sound a bit dull and flat. The Hegel SUPER
uses proprietary technology, designed in-house by Hegel, that
dramatically reduces the noise minus; allowing you to hear everything there
is to hear. Secondly, the different headphones on the market have
very diverse impedances and are notoriously difficult tasks for an
amplifier. The result is that a normal headphone amplifier will act as
an equalizer and sound significantly different, depending on which
headphone you connect. Hegelprime;s Reference amplifier technology ensures
that the SUPER plays with exactly the same sound signature on all
headphones: No sound signature at all. This is why we say that when your headphones are more than just a gem to you minus; you should try the SUPER

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