Burson Audio Soloist

Burson Audio Soloist

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A New Level In Our UnderstandingMost headphone amplifiers use
standard IC Opamps in their designs. Such opamps are very cheap and easy
to apply, however they are inferior (learn more). This is because they
are not tailored for a particular audio circuitry, and they contain many
low quality and unnecessary components (learn more) which degrade audio
signals. Three years ago we developed the HA-160 headphone
amplifier. Instead of using standard IC opamps on the signal path, we
designed tailor made circuitry using high quality discrete components.
Because of this, we were able to reduce components on the signal path to
optimise its operation. It offered higher resolution and superior
dynamics to any IC based design, and yet presented a mid range
intonation that many thought only possible from top-tier tube amps. It
was good, like a properly designed solid state should, and many in the
industry saw it as a benchmark. Instead of celebrating and
introducing newer versions each year with small refinements, we have
been studying and developing circuitries that can realise more of our
ideals. Now, our dream of an even more idealistic circuitry, with even
less components on the signal path is realised. And it sounds more
beautiful than any of us could have conceptualised at the beginning of
this project. We named this new headphone amp Soloist!The New FET Input StageThe
input stage of the Soloist is a symmetrical current feedback circuit
with only 21 components on its signal path (compare that to a typical IC
Opamp of over 50). It's signal path is so short and with so little
blockage on it, that it can achieve amazing sound. Also because we only
had to select and match 21 components, the Soloist sounds absolutely

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