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TAURUS PRE is a fully balanced line stage pre-amplifier. It is the
finest coalescence of art and passion by inheriting the design essence
of analog recording equipments from the lsquo;golden age\' and aesthetic taste
of this new era. Together with MERAK , the power amplifier, TAURUS PRE
would bring an ideal audio playback system, which is fantastic enough to
please the most enthusiastic audiophile. Based upon the design concept of Neve analog console, combined with
modern aesthetic of music, AURALiC invent the OREFEO Class A output
module and fit it into TAURUS PRE. Thanks to the brand new designed low
noise input circuit and better power solution, TAURUS PRE achieves a
remarkable residual noise performance at 3uV in minimum, this allows it
to handle micro dynamics in the music by a perfect way with a liquid
transparency. To make it easier to enjoy the pleasure of music, TAURUS PRE is equipped
with remote control and various I/O ports. Three sets single-ended and
one set balanced input ports allow you switch back and forth between
different music sources. While the single-ended and balanced output
ports can deliver musical signals simultaneously, driving different back
end. Furthermore, with high quality headphone ports, TAURUS PRE can
shut the noisy world out and enable you to immerse yourself in the pure
and magnificent world of music. AURALiC OREFEO Class-A Module
Inspired by Neve 8078 analog console\'s circuit
design, AURALiC developed ORFEO Class-A module. The principle of this
module is to use a mass of small signal components with best linear
characteristic. By packing them though a thermal balance procedure and
bias the transistors into Class-A , ORFEO achieves impressive
performance with open loop distortion less than 0.001%. With such
sophisticated design, ORFEO shares the same warm and natural sound with
Neve 8078. The ORFEO module used in TAURUS PRE was tweaked with
optimized bias current so it will be better fit for pre-amplifier use.
Low Noise Input Buffer
The low noise input buffer in TAURUS PRE is
specifically designed by AURALiC to meet the requirement for pre-
amplifier usage. It presents great linearity with a maximum undistorted
input level as high as + 24dBu , making it almost impossible to
overdrive and well suite for any source component. This buffer also owns
an exclamatory low noise of less than 1uV while maintains high input
impedance ( 100K of RCA and 200K of XLR ). With this circuit design,
TAURUS PRE has a dynamic range over 130dB and possible to fit into any
kind of source, even with high output impedance devices such as valve
buffered CD, it can still easily capture every details and ensure the
reality of music impression.
Advanced Purer-Powertrade; Solution
To satisfy TAURUS PRE\'s extremely low noise
design, AURALiC introduce the advanced Purer-Power solution. The new
solution utilizes our triple shielded main transformer customized by
Plitron . Comparing to the usual shield transformer, triple shield
transformer has much lower EMI; the noise level raised by a triple
shield transformer is even below measurement\'s resolution. Purer-Power
solution can strongly isolate common-mode and differential-mode
interference from both within and outside audio band as high as 90dB
while reshape the electrical circuit and remove DC current. It can also
effectively prevent electrical circuit from being interfered by those
current entering into system via power supply, by which means to ensure
more stability of circuit and more purification of sound.

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